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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Find Out About Non Surgical Hair Replacement Today

Imagine being able to get the custom hair replacement that you want without having to go through surgery. There are all sorts of solutions that are available to you. When you are in Jonesboro, GA, you can count on our professionals at Cimaje to discuss them with you.


We specialize in non-surgical hair replacement, which means that you don’t have to worry about healing time, scars on your scalp, or anything else. This is one of the top reasons why men continue to choose our studio. We have the expertise in cosmetology to make a difference.


Various man weaves and hair replacement units are available in order to give you the appearance as though the hair was growing directly out of your scalp. Many of our solutions will work to give you the look that you desire, regardless of whether you have a natural wave or curl.


We work closely with you to give you a natural, polished look. This includes matching to the texture of your hair as well as your hair color. It can give you the boost in confidence that you need in order to improve upon your personal and professional relationships.


We will talk to you about the man weaves and replacement units that are available. With so many options, we can make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each. It will make it easier for you to make an informed decision.


The best part about working with us is that you get the custom hair replacement that you need. No one has to know that you have chosen to get a hair replacement. We maintain confidentiality every step of the way. We have been so successful that we have been featured in a variety of magazines as well as talk shows.


You will find that hair replacement units are virtually undetectable. No one will realize that you don’t have natural hair. As for people who knew you when you were suffering from hair loss, they may simply notice that there’s something different about you, such as a new haircut. Most people will simply notice that you have a huge boost in your self-confidence.


There are also hair replacement units that can endure working out, such as the brush wave and sweat durable units. This way, you can work out, sweat, run around in the rain, and more without anyone ever finding out about your hair loss.


We provide you with the flexibility to try all sorts of different hairstyles, colors, and liens. It allows you to discover the benefits of a full head of hair without any surgery.


When you are ready to discover the benefits of nonsurgical hair replacement, contact us to make an appointment. We can make recommendations and discuss the best solution for you.

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