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What We Are About

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Cimaje Studio

-With the first Location in Atlanta Georgia, Cimaje Studio is a non-surgical hair replacement clinic owned by Cimaje, a licensed master barber and specialist in cranial prostheses. Recently relocated from downtown Atlanta, the relaxed atmosphere at Cimaje Studio will put you at Ease as soon as you walk in: the studio prides itself on superior service, especially on client confidentiality and support.

Cimaje's background is in cosmetology. While working as a hairstylist/barber Cimaje realized that clients who suffered from hair loss had few options available locally and internationally. This lack of help prompted him to become more involved with hair replacement systems and resulted in opening Cimaje Studio for non-surgical hair replacement.


Today, Cimaje (always on the cutting edge) creating all new hair replacement procedures, Hair systems and techniques. His Trademarked 

techniques such as the Sweat Durable Unit, Brush Wave 


Whatever the reason for your visit to Cimaje Studio, the staff will advise you and help you make an informed decision. Typically there are more options available than you thought Possible.


  Scalp Exposed Unit, allows him to attach hair system with no damage to the scalp or            natural hair. Giving the clients a Natural polished look with the appearance as if the hair    is coming directly out the scalp!


With his years of experience and dedicated service to his clients Cimaje is recognized all over the world as the  "Rolex" of Hair Replacement Units Cimaje has changed the face of the barbering industry with this unique yet innovative skill. Cimaje was featured on a veriety of social media outlets. Cimaje has styled hair for celebrities such as "Sherri Shepherd", "Brighton Sharbino" of the Walking Dead and many others. Cimaje continues to strive for his destiny and maximize his potentials. 

 His concept and system have created a very lucrative franchise opportunity which has many benefits along with a huge opportunity for growth, and great potential for profits. His combined experiences in Direct Sales, Marketing, and Barbering have equipped him with the knowledge to create this one-of- a-kind opportunity for both barbers and investors. This Franchise Opportunity for investors is definitely a win win Business.


Our Vision





Chief Executive Officer and Founder


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