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Hair Replacement Units

Explore a Male Hair Unit to Improve Your Look

A male hair unit can be what’s needed to get your hair back. There are all sorts of things to consider, and at Cimaje, we have the expertise to ensure that we take it all into consideration. We look at your scalp, your hair color, your desired look, and more.


We’re here to make recommendations on what hair replacement units are going to be best for you. We can talk to you about a brush wave unit, a sweat durable unit, a classic comb unit, and more. Many of these can last four weeks or longer based on a variety of factors.


Think about what you’re dealing with right now. If you’re dealing with male pattern baldness, you might not have the hair that you want. If your hair loss is affecting your self-esteem, there’s no need to continue to deal with the problem.


Cimaje can provide you with solutions. This way, you can say goodbye to hair loss once and for all – and without any kind of invasive surgery. We’ll show you how a male hair unit can provide you with the amazing results that you are after. We’ve worked with a number of clients and have the before and after photos to show you what you can expect when working with us.


Our hair replacement units are natural-looking. You can come into the studio in order to get wave units and more. When you return to work or head out into a social situation, no one will realize what you have done. Many will notice that you have done something different. However, no one’s going to guess that it isn’t your real hair – and this can make it easier to have even more confidence than you did prior to an appointment with us.


Wave units and other hair replacement units can be applied. We’ll take special note of your scalp so that it looks as though you’ve grown it yourself. We’ll color match and more so that it gives you the look that you’re after. If you’re after a particular hairstyle, we’ll recommend the right unit.


At CimajeStudio, you can improve your look in no time at all. Plus, we’ll show you how to maintain the look. We offer organic hair products. Plus, our barbers will keep you professionally maintained month after month.


Hair loss can be a thing of the past. You might not be able to stop the loss. However, you can change the appearance. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality, allowing you to explore hair replacement systems without anyone knowing.


Call to schedule your consultation with one of our barbers today and see how we can enhance your look.

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