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Cimaje Studio

How Cimaje Studio Can Make a Difference

When you’re dealing with hair loss, it’s important to go to a place that understands you and your needs. You may have waves or curls that make it hard to choose traditional hair loss remedies. However, at Cimaje, we have the expertise to make a real difference.


We’re not your average hair replacement shop. We have a background in cosmetology, which sets us apart from the competition. We realized that there weren’t a lot of solutions out there, so we became more involved in the different hair replacement systems.


A number of trademarked techniques have been created by Cimaje, including the brush wave unit and sweat durable unit. By exploring new and different hair units, you can get the look you have always wanted. Hair systems can be attached without damaging the scalp or the natural hair that you already have in place.


With a visit to CimajeStudio, you can get the natural and polished look that you want. It can roll back the years and deliver more self-confidence. Many people won’t be able to put their finger on just how you’ve changed your look. However, when you can eliminate baldness from your look, it will be all that you need to add swagger to your personality.


Hair units can last four to eight weeks depending on the actual unit that you choose as well as how fast your hair grows. We will take the time to choose a unit based on the lifestyle that you have and the look that you want to achieve.


When you’re ready to learn more about how CimajeStudio can make an impact on your appearance, schedule your appointment. We’re booking online now, so don’t hesitate to reserve a spot in one of our barber chairs.

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